History of the Point Church of Christ
Submitted by Phillip Kerr


The first church in Point was built in 1894 and known as the Union Church. Lumber was brought in from a saw mill in Quitman by wagons to build this building. Much of the materials were paid for by farm products, mostly hay and the labor was provided largely by members of the several churches. This new building was used by four different churches for services until 1913. The Church of Christ met there at 2:00 pm on Sundays. From 1913 until about 1932 this building was used by the Baptist, Presbyterian and Church of Christ.

In about 1932 a new building was erected for the Union Church. At this time it was still home to the Baptist, Presbyterian and Church of Christ. The Church of Christ still had the afternoon Sunday service.

In 1951 the Church of Christ purchased land across the road from the Union Church and erected its own building. This structure was built with volunteer labor, except for George Tuttle, who was a carpenter and a member of the church. He worked on the construction and also taught others what was needed. Some of the volunteers included Ray Shepherd, Monroe Hooten, Ike Dunn, Doc Cunningham, Aub Porter and others. Several young boys helped after school including Joe Don Shepherd, Grady Shepherd, John Dale Porter, Bobby Hooten, and others. It took about four months to complete the construction. Two weeks later, V. E. Howard from Greenville, held the first gospel meeting in this building. V. E. Howard came and preached on Sundays for a while and Bro. Henry Smith came a lot and preached.

In 1966-67 the front part was added by Buddy Williams. This added rest rooms and two classrooms.  Lester Ragan was the preacher at that time.

Over the years members came from Lake Tawakoni, Oak Grove, Cody and Lynch.

A fellowship building was built in 1987. Charley Floyd and local members did the work. In 2003 and 2004 the church purchased the two adjoining lots on the north east corner which had two residential houses that were moved off and the lot on the south west corner which had a grocery store and gas station that was torn down. This land was purchased for build this a new building and parking lots. Buddy Williams moved a house on his lot (joining the SE corner of the church lot) to a lot on the NE corner of 1st Street and Ave A. Part of the store / gas station lot was then swapped with Buddy Williams for part of his lot, giving the Church a rectangle lot that spans from 1st to 2nd Street and joins the southern boundary of the church lot.

On April 4, 2004 the church held a ground breaking for a new building. Once everything was ready, July 18, 2004, the congregation began meeting temporarily in a part of the Point Shopping Center and the building and fellowship hall were demolished. Matt Oualline, an architect and member of the congregation, served as the architect and general contractor for the construction. Much of the work was performed by contractors with a group of members and volunteers known as the Cotton Patch Crew working to complete much of the structure. Some members of the Cotton Patch Crew included Leighton Hooten, Dale Hooten, Larry Hooten, Wayne Garner, Jimmy Hooten, Lance Hooten, Scott Hooten, Todd Hooten, Matt Oualline and Jack Harman The congregation moved into the new building on May 22, 2005 and held a celebration service on June 5, 2005 and invited the entire community for Bible classes, Worship, a BBQ lunch under a large tent, a community singing service and afternoon devotional.

Some of our previous ministers were Lester Ragan, Allen Green, Henry Smith, Donald Reidheimer,      Wayne McDonald, Ray Hunter, Paul Baily, Jerry Ironwine, Jerry Jackson, and Arles Vandiver.

Some of our previous members were:

Dock and Georgie Cunningham, Ike and Alice Dunn, Marvin and Connie Cunningham, Cleo and Ruby Jackson, George and Marie Tuttle, Ray and Zora Shepherd, Mr and Mrs Ben Thompson, Mrs Houston, Willie Shephers,  Grace Hudnell, Ruth Burchett, Henry and Ruth Smith, Aub and Elvira Porter, Shorty and Mary Porter, Elmer and Fay McKinney, Kelly and Audry McKee, Hartsel and Parl Porter, Lumey and Molley Porter, Leah Parker, Homer and Jessie Huen, Wesley and Florence Plummer, Ross and Awnty Robinson, Rhiley and Lillian Graham, Cecil and Dulcie Spencer, Curtis and Dovie Spencer,  Lallie Porter, Johnny and Floy Rosseter, Avril and Ola V. Fenter, Billy and Pauline Rivers, Wyatt and Ruby Porter, Ben and Duron Cason, Monroe and Louise Hooten, Enos Hooten, Mary Sheppard,  Hazel Parrish, Sara Rivers, Dock and Georgie Horton.   

             Point Church of Christ 2020
 Currently, the Point Church of Christ is continuing in the ways of our earlier members. Richard Kellam is our Minister and Rodney Britt is our Minister of Ghana Missions. Our congregation has 4 Elders and 5 Deacons faithfully serving..  Richard and Rodney are two of of the best Preachers and Teachers in the entire brotherhood and we are blessed having them.

  We also are fortunate to have Linda Rawle, who is our newsletter editor.  Our newletters are published weekly and are available on this web site under Newsletters for weekly viewing.