Hard Fighting Soldiers


The Point church of Christ is dedicated to the education and support of its youth. Our Youth group, the Hard Fighting Soldiers (HFS), is involved in a variety of events throughout the year.   We participated in regular Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes for all ages.  We have devotionals to keep us geared up through the school year. We attend summer camp at Camp Deer Run, a local facility, throughout the summer.  We challenge each other by participating in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), Vacation Bible School and devotionals at the local nursing home. The HFS youth caters an annual Valentine banquet for the more mature couples of our family. We are currently working on developing materials for outreach such as drama and puppet skits to get you involved in spreading the Word to others.

We have a church family that is great about supporting and encouraging our young people in all the different areas of interest that you might have. There is almost always someone in attendance at sporting events, theater productions and academic events to cheer you on.  Because of that we are able to do other group events. Trips to colleges for baseball, basketball and softball games. We have even taken ski and missions trips.  The possibilities are many for someone who would like to roll up their sleeves and get busy with us in God's work.

When in the area, we would like to see you here with us and wish to extend an invitation and blessings to you and your family.  See you soon.

Richard Kellam